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Our products are completely nontoxic and safe - here's why we're so sure.


Our Nutrients are a custom blend of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plant extracts. All of these ingredients are vegan and are completely safe to consume.

But – like all things, our Nutrients are best in moderation. You just need one a day. If you take two or three capsules in a day, you could experience unpleasant side effects, like nausea or bloating.   

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There’s no need to take more than one Nutrient capsule a day

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Feel free to apply minoxidil with your fingers – just be sure to wash your hands after!


Minoxidil is an FDA-approved solution that can help stop the progression of androgenic alopecia. It’s safe for your scalp and skin – but this doesn’t mean that you should just apply it anywhere.

Minoxidil shouldn’t be used for the treatment of frontal baldness or a receding hairline. It also shouldn’t be applied anywhere else on your body, like your eyebrows or chest.

If you use your fingers to apply minoxidil, make sure to wash your hands immediately after. Similarly, if you accidentally get any solution in your eyes, flush them out with water straight away.

Like any other drug, Minoxidil can cause side effects. It’s also possible to be allergic to this medication. If you experience skin irritation, soreness, redness, or a rash, stop using this product and talk to your doctor.

You may be more likely to experience side effects if you’re using other medications on your scalp or have a heart condition. Minoxidil doesn’t require a prescription, but people taking skin or cardiovascular medications should talk to their doctor before they start using this product.


Our advanced Shampoo contains a mixture of cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, like argan oil and antioxidants. We’ve also incorporated a blend of several natural DHT blockers, like saw palmetto, horsetail plant extract, and caffeine. 

Our Shampoo has gone through dermatological testing and has been clinically proven to be safe and kind to your skin.

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Our advanced Shampoo has been proven to be kind to skin 


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How long does finasteride take to work?

How long does finasteride take to work?

Finasteride is an oral medication used to treat androgenic alopecia. Most people need to take this drug for at least 3 months before they start seeing results. This delay is due to the time the hair growth cycle takes. If you take finasteride irregularly or in lower doses, it will likely take even longer to see results.

Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Post-finasteride syndrome is a cluster of side effects that affect people taking DHT blocking medications like finasteride and dutasteride. These side effects are quite serious, ranging from mental health problems to erectile dysfunction. Post finasteride syndrome is thought to affect less than one percent of people taking DHT-blocking drugs.

Minoxidil vs. Finasteride

Minoxidil vs. Finasteride

Minoxidil and finasteride are both FDA-approved treatments for hair loss, but they work in completely different ways. Minoxidil increases blood flow to the scalp, while finasteride works as a hormone blocker. The way you take these medications is also different: Minoxidil is a topical solution, while finasteride is a pill you take once a day.