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Hair loss products

Walk into any supermarket, drugstore, or salon, and you’ll always find a huge amount of hair loss products you can choose from. Unfortunately, they don’t always do what they claim to.

If you’re looking for a way to fix dry, brittle hair, there’s a good chance any one of the conditioners in the store will do the trick. Heck, you could even buy some coconut oil from the food section and slather that on, instead.

Hair loss treatments, on the other hand, are far more limited in option. There are only three FDA-approved treatments for hair loss: minoxidil, finasteride, and low level laser therapy. 

There are also some newer products on the market that can help with hair loss – but they aren’t cure-alls. Certain nutrient supplements, for instance, have the potential to help strengthen your hair. Similarly, shampoos with specific ingredients, like saw palmetto or ketoconazole, may also help counteract hair loss.

If you’re looking for a new miracle hair drug, chances are that you won’t find it at the supermarket or pharmacy. Newer combination treatments, like microneedling with minoxidil, are typically only available from specialized clinics.

A man inspects his hair and side of his head in a mirror
Scalp micropigmentation: A temporary hair tattoo

Scalp micropigmentation: A temporary hair tattoo

Micropigmentation can’t help your hair grow back, but it’s still a useful hair loss product. FDA-approved treatments like minoxidil and finasteride can take a while to work. Micropigmentation can keep your hair looking thick and healthy in the meantime.

What vitamins are good for hair growth?

What vitamins are good for hair growth?

A balanced diet is essential for good health. But when it comes to your hair, some vitamins can be more important than others. Certain nutrients can help prevent hair loss and optimize the conditions for healthy, strong hair growth.


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